Need To Talk?/ Need Help NOW?

Check out a list of our low cost and free resources in NYC and Harlem!


Harlem East Life Plan

Outpatient individual and group counseling, medication assistance program, Mental Health counseling center, and more

H.E.L.P. is a multi-faceted outpatient facility offering co-located services of addiction medicine, general medicine and Mental Health.

Mental Wellness Workshops and Classes?

Take a mental wellness break! Check out a list of our low cost and free resources in NYC and Harlem!

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Harlem Wellness Center

Private Virtual Mediation Training, Wellness Circles, and Workshops

Harlem Wellness Center specializes in building health conscious communities that fortify body, mind and soul wellness.

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Covid 19 Resources 

Free Food, Masks,  Supportive Live Stream Events, Medical Supplies, and More


Street Corner Resources

Pantry in Harlem

Grab a Bag and line up for free food!

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#BlackLivesMatter X MoHoDance

Need More Information? Don't know what to do next? Take a look at some of our resources available online and in our community!


Step 1: Educate yourself 

Spend 5-10 minutes reading some of the literacy we have set aside for you, catch up on current events! Don't talk the talk before you educate yourself

Step 2: Take Action

There are multiple ways to do so! You can donate, share a post, share some links, you can sign petitions, as well as protest! Use your arts to speak up and show us how you did it in our, "WE MADE IT SERIES" 


Step 3: Heal and Repeat

STOP What you are doing? Are you okay? Take some time to reflect on how you feel. Talk if you need to talk. Cry if you need to cry. Look at some mental wellness resources to help you during this time! We will be adding more resources during the week!


ADHOC Support Page

Donate, Educate, Support

Like many people across the nation, we here at AdHoc are enraged and moved to action by the murder of Black people at the hands of white supremacist police brutality. At a time when our country is in the midst of a pandemic, it is both horrifying and sadly unsurprising that Black people continue to be subject to systemic violence. It is not enough to say we hear you when Black people rise up against structural racism—we must listen to, support, and amplify Black voices. 

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