Vision Boards: D.I.Y

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Ever wondered how to make your own Vision Board? MoHo has got your back! Follow our easy DIY Steps to your own vision board!

1. What Kind Of Vision Board Do You Want To Make?

- Depends on the resources you have available

There are multiple types of vision boards you can make including

* Cut and Stick

* Magazine

*Printed Pictures From the Internet

* Kodak Photos

* Create an online vision board! Through Canva!

- Take a look at this online tutorial on how to create an online vision board, great to save on your phone or computer!

2. Grab the Materials!

Michael's is a great art supply store, the 99 cent store has things you can decorate with for cheap, and AMAZON if you want to get more fancy, and if you have the time to wait for shipping! For those with a printer, feel free to print out pictures and words you can put on your vision board!