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Treat Yo'self [for the low]

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Alexa Play Self Love by Dreamville cause now we're focusing on ourselves.


February always focuses on love but how often do we focus on loving ourselves ? What have you done for yourself lately? Sometimes we think self care is a luxury instead of realizing that it is necessary for us to stay sane. We often put ourselves last and focus on everything else first. This month we're going to change that and focus a bit more on ourselves.

Here's 10 ways to practice self-care and loving yourself this month [on a budget]


1. Home Spa Day

Going to the spa may be out of some of our budget; but we can bring the spa to us. Grab a face mask, soak your feet and enjoy the day. Make sure you do research on different mask to make sure they won't irritate your skin and you aren't allergic to any of the products. Here's a nice list and some tips on picking the right mask.

Estimated Budget: $5-$40

2. Hit a movie

Any new movies you want to try ? Don't forget AMC has discount movies on tuesday's as long as you're and AMC stubs member (which is free to become one).

Estimated Budget: $5-$40

3. Go Ice Skating

We're all about trying new things, so if you've never been ice skating this is the winter you should. And if you have been skating before time to go again. There are various skating rinks around the city that you can go the city for under $30.

Estimated Budget: $15-$50

4. Try an adult coloring book

Get yourself a good pack of color pencils and stop at a target, walmart , michael's or put that amazon prime to work and get an adult coloring book (or a regular coloring book) its a perfect way to relax.

Estimated Budget: $15

5. Get a nice sweat in

Go to the gym or take a class. If you want to take a class you can sign up for class pass and try out a few different classes. Some of my favorites are Harlem Soul Cycle, Harlem Yoga Studio, Y7 Studio, Fit and Lit, and Broadway Bodies.

Estimated Budget: $15

6. Take a Trip to a Bookstore

Sometimes books are really relaxing whether it be a book of poems, ... but we usually buy the books and never read them. So have a chill day in the bookstore. Many bookstores like Barnes and Noble have cafes in them where you can sit and read the books you picked out for a while. That way you get to enjoy them and don't have to pay for them.

Estimated Budget: $5-$20

7. Try a new Museum

There are some many museums in NYC and a lot of them are free. Heres a complete list of the free ones whether its free everyday or only some days.

Estimated Budget: $0-20

8. Take a Walk through Central Park

I know it's the middle of February, but everyone could use some fresh air! Bundle up, and go appreciate the winter beauty of Central Park. Grab a camera and take a some cool selfies. With the type of weather we are having this year, you could even wait for a Sunny Day!

Estimated Budget: $0-$10

9. Happy Hour and Mingle (Adults Only)

Harlem is up and coming with tons of new restaurants, venues, and locations to treat yourself for the low! If you catch a Happy Hour at one the spots in Harlem, you can catch great deals on drinks and food. Plus you'll have some time to sit and mingle! Even if you are solo, it is beneficial to get out of the house and treat yourself. Harlem Hops has a great beer selection with 4oz sized cups( Perfect for tasting) between $4-$12. The Hexagon Lounge has great happy hour food and drink deals...and their chef? Is. On. Point.

Estimated Budget: $15-$40

10. Barcade (Adults Only)

One of my all time favorites! Go by yourself, grab a friend, a significant other, or some of age family members. Barcarde is filled with tons of retro arcade games! Do you enjoy Pacman? Galaga? Donkey Kong? Do you like beer or cocktails? Then this place is for you! Each game is .25 cents to $1 so you can ball out on a budget!

Estimated Budget: $10-$50

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