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Tips for Parents: Gratitude And Gratefulness

We all need a little help sometimes. It also takes a village to raise a child. When it comes to culturally relevant mental wellness resources, we lack in both. There is no help and there is no village.

We are here to change that narrative. So this blog is for YOU. A space for parents in at risk communities to learn and express with each other, free of judgement.


This month at MoHo Dance we are learning about Gratitude and Gratefulness. How practicing Gratitude when we live in these spaces can help get us through tough times, improve physical and mental health such as stress levels, sleeping habits, as well as foster healthier relationships.

  1. Living in at risk communities, like Harlem, we aren't always in spaces/situations that are conducive to our mental well being! When you see so much hurt, it starts to bring you down. Practicing Gratitude can actually help you remember the "good" through the "bad" times. Scientifically proven

  2. Practicing Gratitude tells the brain to release Dopamine and Serotonin. These are the chemicals in our brain that makes us "feel good" More information on the scientific research can be found here!

  3. Practicing Gratitude can help improve relationships with your children, spouse, other family members, and friends. When's the last time you really sat down to think about how your relationships are beneficial to your life? When's the last time you've thanked someone for the kindness they've done for you? These small actions can release Serotonin and Dopamine, making you feel great and improve how you feel towards others.


Now that we know a little bit more about the benefits, here are some tips for the parents & adults when it comes to practicing Gratitude.

Tips For Parents & Adults who want to practice Gratitude

Morning Prayers:

No! We are not getting religious, we are getting spiritual. When we say morning prayers, we mean many different forms such as "traditional" prayers, meditation, and or affirmations. As long as you are connecting to a higher consciousness, aiming to exude a feeling of love, and connectivity. "I love myself" "I am beautiful" "I can do anything" are a few affirmations! "Dear (insert here), Today I thank you for waking me up, for allowing me to see another day to be the best of what I am destined to be. I ask you continue to guide my spirit, mind, and body so that it is full of love and prosperity, Amen. " Is a sample prayer.

Be Mindful of Gratitude:

Gratitude for YOU and only YOU


We hope you enjoyed this blog! We hope to see you and your family at our upcoming FREE workshop! You can register here

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