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Therapy is for us Too!

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Yes I said it; as a taboo of a topic in our community, it has to be said that therapy is important for us as well. Even for us here at MoHo! Sometimes we forget our mental health is just as important as our physical health. If you go to the doctor when you have a cold why can’t you go to therapy when your mental health doesn’t feel up to par?

Let’s touch on some important things you need to know before you take that step:

1. Going doesn’t mean something is wrong with you

There’s a negative stigma around going to therapy, but I have to tell you going doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you. At a point in everyone's life they will struggle with some sort of mental health issues. Therapy gives you the tools to be able to deal with these issues when they come up as well as understand what is going on with you.

2. Therapy is all about trial and error. Finding a good therapist is a process and sometimes that process has you ready to give up but don’t. Each therapist will provide different services. As you start to go more, you’ll understand what you need from them and what will help you prosper. Even though it sucks to think about this, your first therapist may not be the right one for you. But there IS one for you.

3. Sometimes insurance will cover it. The big thing about therapy is the cost. Although it’s not always covered, some places accept insurance as a way to pay for it. Those who don’t, usually offer their services on a sliding scale to help pay for it. Us here at MoHo are trying to put together group therapy for our dance group MoTroupe.

"The most important thing is to stay patient. During my first trial with therapy I didn’t find it helpful and automatically wanted to stop then I realized I just had to change how I went about it and decide what I wanted get out of it." - Alana, Director of Community Outreach and Research

Lastly, don't feel bad if you don't find the right help right away. Mental Health is a personal journey! Finding the right therapist/ psychiatrist, finding the right mix of medication can be a time consuming journey! Just remember that this is for you, you got this, and we got you!

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