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This Blog is a Recap of how self isolation can have an effect on one's mental wellness. As well as a discussion of how we can use #quarantinegoals to further our mental growth and personal achievements during the COVID19.

“How Do we Grow If We There is No Where To Go?!”

Help Us! We cannot go anywhere! We are stuck in the house, without our friends and sometimes even family! Research shows that short periods of isolation can cause an increase in anxiety or depression! These feelings can differ depending on whether you are more extroverted or introverted, but either way, it is important to acknowledge they are there! Regardless, there is work to be done, and I REFUSE to let 2020 go by without accomplishing some of the goals I set forth this New Year! Who’s with me? Here are ten places to start if you are looking for some safe #quarantinegoals


1. Create a workout routine

2. Set up Zoom meetings with your friends

3. Accomplish one small personal non-academic goal each day(to combat laziness and boost endorphins

4. Switch your attitude! Not locked in, but stay at home vacation!

5. Stuck? Feel Free to Complete MoHo's May Goal Calendar

6. Find Some New Recipes

7. Support Small and Local Businesses that are transitioning to online by sharing their content and tuning into their live streams!

8. DIY Arts, STEAM, and MATH Activities

9. Take an Online Quizzes(such as DISC model quiz for personality traits) to learn more about yourself. Then reflect on what you have learned.

10. Create some family memories by spending time with them! Do a Tik Tok or cook a meal together!


We want to hear from you! What are some #quarantinegoals that you have? What are you guys doing to stay busy during this time? What makes you #happyathome? Upload your pictures/stories and tag us on Instagram and Facebook! Or comment below!

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