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How to Celebrate During A Quarantine!

Updated: May 9, 2020

AAAAYYEEE ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY! ….But we’re Quarantined.

What are You going to Do?!!

Many people around the world are feeling the effects of self-isolation during this time especially when it comes to celebrations like birthdays, graduations, and even weddings. Things have changed! And we need to understand how to change with it. Let’s talk about how to live our best lives even during Quarantine!

This week we are going to be giving you all tips and activities that you can do at home during this time to continue to celebrate and uplift your spirits. (Hint: Amazon, Etsy, and the 99cent store might be your best friends)

1. Clean the House


I know this sounds like your mom…but before we go into any other tips, you should definitely clean the space you are going to be in! Not only will the space look, feel, and smell nice, but more than likely you are going to be making A BIGGER mess when you start having fun!

Mother’s Day:

The last thing your mom wants to do is get up and clean on the day she is celebrated! Why not ask your mom what needs to be done around the house and see if you can lighten up her day! Plus if you take our advice on how to celebrate during Quarantine, you are going to want a clean space to enjoy yourself in!

2. Cook a Nice dinner


Have someone else cook you your favorite meal, or cook someone else their favorite meal for their birthday!

Mother’s Day:

GO ALL OUT! Cook your mom her favorite meal, dessert, and then wash the dishes and clean the kitchen. We are QUARANTINED SO LET’S DO IT! You can also pair this Mother’s Day dinner with a bottle of wine because the liquor store are essential!


This is super special because nothing can replace walking down the aisle, but you have to make sure you go all out for your grads! Cook a nice dinner, with drinks, and to top it off, go around the table and say something nice about the graduate! Put together a photo slideshow! Just make it special! Because they deserve it!

3. Space, Space, Space

Mother’s Day:

Stay out of your Mom’s face for a while. Let her do her! Go binge watch a show and give her some space after you clean the house! Maybe let her take a relaxing bath with candles and bath bombs (store brought or homemade). It will be a nice mother’s day present for free!

4. Do Makeup and Take Pictures

Our advice is the same for this one! Nothing feels better than getting dressed up and taking some good pictures. DIY with a nice camera, and a great background. You can order balloons from Amazon, wall stickers, decorations that hang from your ceiling, confetti, face masks, and more! For graduations you can order graduation caps, take the photoshoot outside to make up for those senior pics! You can even put on your prom dress and create your own photo booth! The possibilities are endless!

5. Amazon and Etsy Gifts!


Balloons, Crown, birthday shirt and customized items.

Mother’s Day:

Teas, Customized Items, bath bombs


Gift Cards, wine, games

6. Decorate the House and have a celebration

You can order balloons from Amazon. Order a cake from a bakery or bake one at home. You can buy decorations from Amazon or the 99 cent store! Use your imagination or Pinterest to make an amazing birthday, graduation, mother’s day, baby shower, wedding. Quincera. Etc!

Grab your phone/laptop and go live with your friends and family so they can celebrate with you! Don’t let self-quarantine stop you from having a good time!

Last don’t forget to have fun and to make sure you are spending time with the people that you love!

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