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Parents Are People Too!

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

If you are a parent, put your hands up in the air, and wave them like you just don’t care!

Now, take a bow and congratulate yourself because parent, you are awesome!

This one is for you! This month here at MoHo Dance we want to shed light on the hardworking adults who have been through so many changes during this quarantine. Parent’s who are becoming full time teachers, mommies, daddies, and still working full time! Your mental wellness is important too!

Here at MoHo Dance we are always emphasizing that EVERYONE should be focused on their mental wellness, so we want to take this month to focus on the parents! Here are some resources for parents as the school year is starting!

5 tips to help keep you mentally healthy as a parent during quarantine

  1. Exercise: Try to spend at least 30 minutes a day working out. Moving your body is super important to stay fit!

  2. Alone Time: Try to spend at least 30 minutes of the day completely to yourself. Give yourself time to think, unwind, and relax!

  3. Interactions with other adults: Quarantine can make us super close with our families, which is amazing, but we all need breaks! Make sure you are giving yourself time to interact with other adults!

  4. Vent, Vent, Vent: Find another parent! You are not the only one going through a hard time!

  5. Try new things: Keep yourself motivated for life! Try new things!

Tutoring Services and Homework Help

Get FREE, live, virtual expert help with these subject areas:

  • Mathematics (including Basic Skills through Calculus II)

  • Science (including general through specialized topics like Organic Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology)

  • Reading/Writing assignments

  • Social Studies (including Economics and Statistics)

  • Foreign Language Lab: Spanish

  • English as a Second Language

  • Writing and essay feedback and assistance

  • Academic Skills building

  • Explore video content and other interactive tools for support with core concepts.

  • Online Writing Lab: Submit essays and other forms of writing for constructive feedback.

  • Homework Question Center: Submit homework questions for expert guidance.

  • Study materials and practice tests for PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, and GED exams, and state-standardized tests

  • Career support for cover letter and resume writing and interviewing resources

Online after school programs and after school activities

MoHo Workshop and MoTroupe Mentoring Program

Karate with Brian Spencer and Warriors of the Future

Sign up for FREE afterschool with Harlem Temple Gains After school Program

Daily/Weekly schedule for you and your kids

Check out our Instagram this month for weekly schedules that can be done with your children!

4- Things to keep busy at home

Check out our Instagram this month for fun activities to do during Quarantine!

Let us know what you are all doing to stay sane!

Tag a hardworking parent to enter the into our parent B2school giveaway

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