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Happy New Year!

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Here at MoHo we would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We hope your year is off to a great start! This holiday season we talked about blessings and gratitude! We hope we helped bring in the new year with an open mind and enthusiasim for the future!

We know sometimes doing good for your self can be hard! We want everyone to spend time everyday reflecting and caring for themselves. Therefore we have come up with a MoHo New Goal Calendar! Follow along by yourself or with your family! If you see something you like or do something worth sharing, upload a video to instagram and tag our page, @MoHodance, for a chance to be featured on our page during our #NewGoalChallenge.


Shout out to Alana Parker, our director of research and community outreach, for putting together this calendar!

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