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MoHo presents Be Grateful

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

What is Gratefulness?

the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Gratitude as an experience that has four parts:

• What we NOTICE in our lives for which we can be grateful

• How we THINK about why we have been given those things

• How we FEEL about the things we have been given

• What we DO to express appreciation in turn


This class, we asked our participants to think about gratitude. We spoke about how it has a positive impact on mental wellness, gave them ideas on how to increase their levels of gratitude this holiday season, and how to also share it with their families.

We asked the kids, "What makes you Happy?" We wanted to explore these ideas in order to incorporate them into our customized MoHo's Mini Game of Gratefulness. Under the direction of Nijah Bee and Jazz the Goddess, the children learned modern and hip hop choreography to Sleigh Bells Remix, than sat down with the two to discuss acts of gratitude. Each family were able to take home their own game and an emoji stress balls!

Check out some of the class below!

Shoutout to our Director of Media Xavier WIlliams for the footage and the video!

We also were able to give out MoHo's Mini Game of Gratefulness for the families to take home and continue to practice throughout the year! Check it out below! If you would like to purchase the customized game for your family, email us at

MoHo's Mini Game of Gratefulness: $5 includes two customized boards you can decorate, and two dice of your color choosing

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