MoHo Mentoring !

Starting in 2021 MoHo Dance will be introducing our mentoring program. This program is to give teens 13-18 a space to not only grow but to learn about theirselves and what mental health looks like for them. Teenagers go through a lot and many of the things they go through stem from issues with mental health. The biggest problem with that is that there is such a stigma around mental health that we don't learn about it the way we should. One of the goals of MoHo Mentoring is to make sure these teens have a safe space to learn about mental health as well as an added support system that is needed throughout teenage years. There are many things that Teens are too afriad to ask about or don't know where to go for information and we are ready to break down that barrier!!

If you are interested in becoming a mentee or know anyone that would be sign up HERE

If you are interested in becoming a mentor please email us or sign up HERE

If you have any questions or have any suggestions of people for us to reach out to send us an email !