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"Gratitude and Gratefulness" Virtual Sip and Paint

#gratitudeattitude is the vibes that we want to take into 2021!

This month, we decided to learn about Gratitude, Gratefulness, and the benefits it can have on our mental well being! We want to talk to you all about LOW COST ways to not only practice self gratitude, but show gratitude as well!

  1. Affirmations, Affirmations, Affirmations

- This is our favorite thing to do to show gratitude AND practice self gratitude. Affirmations can be used as verbal emotional support and encouragement. They are the action/process of affirming or manifesting something into your life!

During our workshop, we got to hear from spiritual healer and leader, Mama Rose. She spoke about how practicing everyday gratitude exercises can change our mindset from negative to positive thinking outcomes as well as lift our vibrations! Click on her name to learn more about Mama Rose and the work she has done for the community!

2. Create ART

- This month we were able to participate in a virtual sip and paint with @therealsagetaro

Sage decided to have us paint sunflowers! The sunflowers are being held in a hand to portray that they are a gift . Everyone who signed up for our workshop received a smaller 4x4 canvas. Feel free to use these to indulge in another art exercise! It can be a gratitude exercise or just something to make you feel good!

3. Create Gratitude Jars

- During our workshop, @urbanconfabnyc took us through an amazing activity! Gratitude Jars are a great way to regroup and reground your mental mindset!

At times, it may be difficult for us to even think of something that we are grateful for, this visual exercise will invite you to open your mind and spend 5 minutes reflecting on various things you can be grateful for in your own life

Over time, gratitude exercises can help us become more resilient, optimistic, and can help fight battle depression! Remember that every person is different, so it is important to try new things, exercises, and activities to see which best fits you!

We would love to hear about what you guys are up to and how you practice gratitude and gratefulness this holiday season!

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