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Express Yourself!

When we go through emotionally stressful times sometimes the hardest thing is to is find a positive way to express yourself. During this month we are highlighting amazing people who have used their artwork to express how they feel and show solidiatry to the #blacklivesmatter movement. Make sure you check out all of these amazing artist and their work. If there's anyone you think we should add make sure you let us know so we can showcase their talent as well !


In honor of Breonna Taylor's 27th birthday, Denny created this amazing piece.

However if you check out his instagram you can see how he has honored many of the lives lost this year due to police brutality and shows how they were lost such as in this image.

Instagram: @denny_ow


Adrian Brandon

Instagram: @ayy.bee

He started a series called the "Stolen Series" in which he colors in the faces of those who have been victims of police brutality for the amount of minutes that equal the age they were killed at.

This picture is of TonyMcDade who was 38 years old when he was killed. Which means this picture was colored in for 38 minutes.

Be sure to check out his website


Nani Chacon

Instagram: @nanibah

This artist has been focusing on solidarity and togetherness for a few years which can be show in this 2017 mural


Miranda Lloyd

Instagram: @miranda_sketch

Shes all the way from the UK but has shown her support by doing sketchs of some of the beautiful lives weve lost.


Geo Law


Based in London he's an illustrator as well as a gif maker. Make sure you check out his website


Kitsch Harris aka Werk Zine

Instagram: @werkzine

Check out his website ! all proceeds through June will be donated to the Audre Lorde Project.


Christian Winter

Instagram: @rabiscos_meuss

all the way from Brazil !




Instagram: @mrzacros


Instagram: @bella.amenta

She's selling her artwork and all profits go towards various BLM organizations and bail funds


Hailey Cheon

Instagram: @haileycheonn

Her artwork focuses on different people who have been killed due to police brutality over the years. She's also selling these as 4" x 6" prints for $3 each ; all profits are donated to BLM organizations




Instagram: @dylanbonner90

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