Dealing with Change

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Change is hard but we all go through it at some point in life. From starting a new job, or a new school, to maybe moving across the world; without accepting change, you won't have the ability to grow. The scary part about change is that we never know how to deal with it because it's new. How can you expect to be able to deal with something you've never had to deal with before? So what do we do?

The way we react to change is completely based on our previous experiences. Can you think of a time you've seen a kid crying over something that you think seems so absurd ? Like when your 6 year old cousin has a whole breakdown because their best friend didn't want to hang out with them and hung out with another kid? To us that's over reacting, but to them its one of the worst things they have ever experienced. So you see, reactions are only a comparison to things you have already experienced.

Sometimes we choose to ignore the problem. We act as though nothing is happening and hope that whatever is bothering us just goes away and life goes back to "normal." In the moment when you feel scared or anxious when dealing with change, you are not overreacting, you just haven't found the right way to deal with this situation before.

Leaving us to constantly question if we are handling everything "correctly."


So how do I deal with change properly ?


It's a trial and error of what works for you. Everyone is different, therefore some activities will have different effects...