10 Easy to Follow Hygiene Tips for Kids!

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Growing up can be hard; especially when your body starts changing. There are a lot of taboo topics we don’t talk about or are afraid to ask about. So we've decided to talk about some of them here at MoHo. Below are 10 tips for kids, teens, and young adults on how to better your hygiene!

"Hygiene is things that you do/ actions you take that are necessary for health and cleanliness. "


Flossing is just as important as brushing. A lot of times we have problems with our teeth because of the leftover food in between our teeth that our toothbrushes can't get to.


Clean your phone/ tablet at least once a week . You might be confused why this goes into hygiene but think about all the places you take your phone . And how often you touch it . Now how often do you wash your hands after using your phone ? They hold so many germs and we don’t think about it . So grab a Clorox wipe (with the help of an adult) and make sure you clean it off.