If you look up dedication, karate, and heart in the urban dictionary, you would see the face of Brian Spencer. Brian has spent his time nurturing and mentoring kids around Harlem for the past couple of years. He started Karate when he was six years old so when he is not fostering the minds of young people through homework help, lesson planning, and group activities at the Harlem Temple After School program, he, as a black belt holder, is strengthening their minds and body through karate at Warriors of the Future.On the weekends, find him taking a group with him to New Roc City, Ice Skating, or the movies.

MoHo Spotlight: Brian Spencer

Brian understands the importance of listening to the youth and being a role model by his actions. He takes pride in going the extra mile, by buying his own supplies to do better activities such as volcanoes, elephant toothpaste, and abstract art with the afterschool kids; to buying and decorating a christmas tree for the classroom, each kid receiving their own present.


When MoHo first started, he was the first one to support us by not only bringing the Youth from afterschool, but has been our number one supporter sharing our content on social media.

When I asked Brian about why he spends so much time, money, and energy on the Youth he replied,


“ I have been teaching for the longest. I had a great Sensei growing up that played an important role in my life. Now I consider him family. I want kids to feel the same way towards me. A lot of them don’t have father figures in their lives so any way I can help and make sure they are raised right; I will do whatever I can.”

- Brian Spencer

Brian has been a brother,mentor, and friend to many families in our community! Thank you Brian! We here at MoHo love you! Thanks for all the work you do! If you are looking for a Karate Class for your kids, bring them to Sensei Brian! 

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