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Mama Rose 

Spiritual Healer/Leader

Rose intention is from her PURE/HIGHER HEART she shares DETAILS in ALL her 6 BOOKS, TECHIQUES, MEDITATION, PRAYERS, HEALTHY DIET, AFFIRMATION, RESOURCES, FORGIVING SELF and OTHERS, CLEARING ENERGY BLOCKS, CLEARING KARMA from this LIFE and PAST LIFES, DEPROGRAMMING YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND of all NEGATIVITY, CLARITY and INNERSTANDING what’s the EXPERIENCE is TEACHING US, BASED on her INNER /OVERSTANDING her SOUL LESSONS and so much more….. How she HEALED an INCURABLE DISEASE, Hiatal HERNIA, Allergies, Varicose Veins, ARTHRITIS, MIGRAINE, head aces, near sighted all illnesses and at the AGE in the 70’s most people THINK she is in her 30’s. She RECONNECTED with her DIVINE LOVE, PEACE, JOY, and POWER WITHIN! She experiences many TRAILS and TRIBULATIONS to REALIZE her SOUL MISSION: MOLESTED, Several SUICIDES and RAPES ATTEMPTS. HEALED and from a Dysfunctional FAMILY, ABUSIVE Marriage, an abortion / miscarriage and SELF LOATHING, arrested for SHOPLIFTING. 3 of her ADDICTIONS: SUGAR, PARTYING, SHOPPING. She remember her COSMIC SPARK of LIGHT and SOUL PURPOSE for being here, TRUE MESSENGER to help humanity help themselves AWAKENING their TRUE POWERFUL BEING/SELF, SHE HAS NO REGRET ABOUT ANYTHING. UNPLUG FROM this MATRIX of MIND CONTROL! Rose PRODUCES her CABLE TV show “SELF AWARENESS” Which WON 4 NOMINATION AWARDS. She did workshops at: CHILDREN’S AID SOCIETY’S EMPLOYEE’S DE-STRESS REJUVENATION HEALTH FAIR, as a Holistic HEALTH/ COUNSELOR, a CONFERENCE about LOVE RELATIONSHIPS in NY with Dr. Bolling MD (RIP) BOOK SIGNINGS &Lecture at BARNS & NOBLE, SUNKOFA gift shop and others. She AFFILIATED FREE SELF AWARENESS WORKSHOPS at TRS Inc. NY, at the HOMELESS SHELTER, HALF-WAY HOUSE in CONNECTICUT and YMC- BISEXUAL N-TRANSGENDER COMMUNITY NY. Keynote speaker at-Holistic & Natural Healing Day at The Bronx Academy, Community Events, and Holistic Expo & Spiritual Unity Conference National Black Theater in Harlem NY. The BOOK WITHOUT a NAME, WON ASPICOMM MEDIA, INC’S SELF PUBLISHING SYMPOSIUM S’INDIE AWARDS for TRAILBLAZER” She was featured in BRONX WEEK magazine EVENTS, INNER REALM MAGAZINE, on CABLE and Blog talk RADIO SHOW. Rose LOVES helping people, who are truly ready to HELP them-selves, RECONNECT to their INFINITE POWERFUL SELF. She does SPIRITUAN EMPOWERMENT CONSULTATION by PHONE 718-933-4643/ SKYPE / ZOOM or in PERSON. A special price for family and community groups etc., Rose had many MYSTICAL experiences like her (out of body in 1987, going to other DIMENSIONS, ASTRAL PROJECTION, and can sometime see or sense OBSESSING/ POSSESSING and ATTACHING SPIRITS /Deceased SPIRITS etc., HIGHER dimensions. SPIRIT of Black Madonna, Nostradamus, St. Germain, Shri BaBa, Universal Brotherhood, her Spirit Guides, ET’s and
others reveal them self to her. Had many VISIONS (Numbers 12:6) few prevented death, a rape etc. A vision of 911-years before it happens, Ferry crashing in NY., 1994 Airplane flight427 crashed everyone was killed, WITNESS PEOPLE looking good just dropping DEAD (maybe vaccine shot with a implant), Big Tsunami in Manhattan NY., a RACE WAR, Seem an HUGE EARTHQUAKE in New York City if we don't reconnect with SOURCE and KEEP our FREQUENCY HIGH with Prime CREATOR.


PURCHASE ANY 2 books FROM HER get a FREE GIFT! (LIMITED TIME) AT:WWW.WISEPEOPLECHOICES / 718-933-4643 / PayPal. Me/RWhaley 950 / you can BUY at THEBOOKPATCH.COM / AMAZON / E-BAY etc. Her E-mail CHAKRASPECTRUMS@ NETZERO.NET or CHAKRASPECTRUMS @GMAIL.COM / Rose had 2 boutique shops she still love designing and making fashion apparel, for over 50 years. Her FASHIONS featured in N.Y. DAILY News, famous APOLLO Theater, the COTTON Club and other POPULAR CLUBS. UPSCALE, CLASS magazines and others, KWANZAA, BLACK EXPO, NEWLIFE EXPO, featured in SOUTH America, on Video MUSIC Box, high schools and many Colleges. Don’t spend a FORTUNE to look like a MILLION. All sizes bring your own fabric, ideas, picture or leave it up to DESIGNER Rose. Don’t be a FOLLOWER, create your OWN TEND! Bring your own fabric, ideas,
picture or leave it up to DESIGNER Rose, It's a MATTER of your STYLE for all OCCASIONS. For your services, because you are SPECIAL!!!