MoTroupe is an non profit extension of MoHo Dance. It is a mentoring program created in February of 2020, focused on spreading the importance of mental wellness in the Harlem youth. The youth will have an opportunity to participate in monthly meetings, community projects, events, and more to help foster their academic and mental wellness growth. MoTroupe currently works with the youth ages 13-18 as well as MoTroupe Minis  ages 6-12

We are looking for mentors ages 21+ and mentees to join our program!

Application for Mentors: Click Here

Application for Mentees: Click Here 


Each year, our "It Takes A Village" Video helps spread light on the importance of obtaining culturally relevant and accessible mental wellness resources in our communities. Here at MoHo dance we believe mental wellness is a journey that  doesn't involve just one person, but a whole village. So we take the time to thank our village for allowing us to continue to work and grow!


The group is for young people who want to make a difference in their community, as well as have opportunities to work on a team and better their own mental wellness. The activities of MoTroupe will vary based on mentor group. Each of our mentors specialize in something different like karate, community programming, dance, painting, etc so we will match you to the best fit! From individual to group meetings, community events, videos, group discussion, free trips, and group therapy,  all activities aim to better the mental wellness of the participants and their communities as well as help foster their academic and career growth!