Cheryl Thomas is co-owner of GO HARD DANCE, a community-based dance company designed to foster the desire for artistic expression through dance for all ages. It is a space in Harlem giving opportunity to the youth, organizations, and peer leaders. GO HARD DANCE grew from the partnership of Cheryl and Shea Evans, CEO of GoHardBoyz a mentoring program for young boys that use their love for bike riding as a relatable outlet to the youth. The goal was to get them off of the street and into mentorship programs using an outlet that they loved and looked up to. 

MoHo Spotlight: Cheryl Thomas

Wanting to expand and reach more of the inner city youth, Cheryl decided to open GO HARD DANCE.  She remembers, as a young dancer, having to go downtown to Ripley Griers and other studios to rehearse. She felt as if the Harlem community needed a place of it’s own. So she opened Go Hard Studios, having dance classes on Saturdays and renting out the space for the community during the week. 


“We want better for the young generation, we don’t want them to go through the same hardships. - Cheryl

Cheryl herself is a professionally trained dancer,  having taught classes at Metropolitan College of NY, as an Adjunt Professor in their graduate program prior to GO HARD DANCE. Cheryl says she always loved teaching and children! After having her daughter Dakota, Cheryl sustained two jobs in order to keep her daughter in programs like Martha Graham Dance program. Now, her daughter helps Cheryl run GO HARD DANCE with the help of Lacey Thomas, the master choreographer and founder of LEGACY THE COMPANY!

Cheryl says she would like to help the community, “Celebrate life’s moments at an affordable cost” And that’s exactly what she’s doing! When MoHo Dance was looking for a place to start our workshops, Cheryl and GO HARD DANCE opened their doors to us at an affordable price! We are very thankful for her support and work she is doing in our community! 


"We have to change the stigma that's associated with mental wellness in the black community. Asking for help should never be a problem"

- Cheryl

Due to the pandemic, GO HARD DANCE had to close its door for the moment. As time is passing, we are asking for donations to GO HARD DANCE to help with the upkeep of the studio costsIf you ever are in the neighborhood and pass by 135th and 7th avenue. Don’t forget to check out Harlem’s Dance Studio, “GO HARD DANCE” They have a virtual summer intensive coming up for ages 9 and up. 8am-6pm! Sign up today! 

You can find GO HARD DANCE on instagram: @goharddance_harlemnyc

Click the buttons below to donate, or find more information on their website such as new class schedules! Thank you GO HARD DANCE for creating a space for the community! 

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