MoHo Dance Team

Creative Director of Movement
Nijah Banks

Nijah Banks aka Nijahbee is Bronx born dancer that has very colorful background in the dance world. Nijah's dance pallet includes Ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, tap, African, and Jazz. Growing up she took classes at Technique Cultural Arts Dance School in Harlem, attended Bronx dance Academy for middle school, and took classes at Bronx Dance Theater while attending Frederick Douglass Academy in High School. In high school Nijah also joined City Kids Repertory Company where she performed in the 2014, 2015, and 2016 U.S Open Ceremonies. She has worked as a background dancer for many up and coming new artist. After having her son in 2015, Nijah joined the Harlem Bomb Shelter and created her own dance team " The Harlem Bomb Shells" which later transitioned to become NJ Live, where she met and dances with Moho founder Jazz. Nijah is currently going to school to become a health teacher, so she can teach the link between physical health and dance to young dancers.

Director of Community Outreach and Research
Alana Parker

Alana is Medical Student born and raised in Harlem. She began dancing at a young age, however stopped when she started to attend high school. In college, Alana took a modern dance class and it reminded her of how much the movement relaxed her and allowed her to de-stress; which lead her to dancing again. In 2017, Alana started medical school, peaking her interest in Mental Health, and how it affects those living in her community. Since then, she has been working on research in order to educate children about mental wellness(as well as other mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc)  and teach healthy coping mechanisms. She is now certified in Mental Health First Aid and encourages everyone else to do so. 

Director of Community Outreach and Research

Jazz is a creative director born and raised in Harlem, NY. After studying modern dance at her high school(Lawrence Academy) she continued to take several dance classes at NYU Tisch. In addition she received her bachelors of science in Marketing and Management at NYU Stern 2018. While finishing her bachelors she began teaching dance to children ages 5-12 as Dance Director for the Harlem Temple Afterschool program. While working there she realized there was a gap that needed to be filled in regards to mental wellness services that catered towards the youth in her community. MoHo Dance was created in hopes to bridge that gap and to utilize her gifts and education to better the next generation. Currently Jazz is working on many community based events, helping artists create content, as well as working on getting her Masters in Mental Health Counseling to further support the MoHo Dance program. 

CEO and Founder